A Cat By Any Other Name (via Life in the Boomer Lane)

Despite the title of this site, it is not really about cats. Yet cat stories do really show the humorous side of life. This is the first of hopefully many posts by other folk. I hope to gather anecdotes from many sources. Cat involvement not a requirement.

This particular post pointed out to me by my sister. It seems to fit quite well!

A Cat By Any Other Name Let’s make a few things really clear: I’m not a cat person.  If you come into my house and see a cat (or a cat screaming to get into my house,) it’s because I am cat-sitting.  My daughter owns the cat, which she named Miracle.  I think most modern miracles typically involve something that can’t be explained.  The only thing Miracle has in common with an actual miracle is that she can’t be explained either.  My daughter got Miracle in her senior y … Read More

via Life in the Boomer Lane


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Kind of like a transformer.
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4 Responses to A Cat By Any Other Name (via Life in the Boomer Lane)

  1. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Hey, Steve

    If you intend to “collect” I have a favorite blogger gal that I follow daily. She posts drawings and tells about their life through their 2 cats, Smudge & Duncan, via cartoons! She’s so funny! I know it doesn’t have to be about cats…but she’s pretty entertaining.



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