Ode to Gracie

When we were kids, my dad virulently hated cats. We had a few unfixed, feral cats in the neighborhood, and he took a certain joy on dumping water on them to chase em away when they started their mating songs. Not sure why he disliked them so. But he did.

Then a few years back, his aunt passed away. She had a fairly young kitten, who had been the runt of the litter and was a little spitfire. Nobody seemed to want the cat so somehow it ended up with my parents.


Thus started the new age of cats in their house. Ironically since that point my dad loves cats. Well at least his own cats.

At first they had one cat at a time. Then in the mysterious ways of cat ownership they ended up with two. And eventually three. I was living in Arizona at the time, but when Lucky did her disappearing act, Gracie ended up being adopted into the house, and then Squeak (bringing Lucky back in the process – Meet the Ninja Cats). So I didn’t actually meet Gracie and Squeak until I next visited from AZ.

Gracie was a bit standoffish at first. She was not exactly unfriendly, but she only talked to others on her own terms and by invitation only. Eventually I was admitted to the inner circle and she accepted me as a suitable massage therapist. She and dad were the best of pals until dad’s ailment took over. Then Gracie demanded my presence more and more with her commanding whisper. She was fundamentally a shy cat and kept to her very specific territory. But if food or petting was desired, then boundaries meant nothing!

It was the funniest thing any time my mom opened tuna, or any can for that matter. Gracie would use her Ninja Cat skills and invariably appear from wherever she was in the house as if by magic. Turkey would generate the same response.

Turkeyday! Gracie looks on to make sure the youngsters are emptying their plates.

Sadly, as is inevitable for all beings, Gracie made her final visit to the vet today. She will be laid to rest with her predecessors in our back yard. She will be fondly remembered, and will live on as one of the inspiration for this humble blog.

Bye Gracie! We’ll miss you!


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9 Responses to Ode to Gracie

  1. wherethedaytakesme says:

    sorry for your loss.

  2. Woman Wielding Words says:

    Now I’m crying. Goodbye Gracie. How are Mom and Dad taking it?

    I don’t know what caused the change. All I know is that I begged and begged and begged for a cat all throughout childhood. But NO! Actually, come to think of it, the only one who ever got the actual pets was you. They got Tammy (the dog for anyone reading the comments) for you and all the George’s (hamsters) and the turtle. I got nothing. Well, maybe a fish.
    Hmmm? Latent jealousy rears its ugly head.

    • Taochild says:

      As you might expect. At least dad now did not fight it. He recognized it was time.

      Not sure why the no pets for you policy. Possibly because we got a lot more than we planned on with Tammy, and one was enough lol. And the multiple Georges were because one never lasted very long 🙂

      • Woman Wielding Words says:

        And the turtle? The reality sets in . . . you were the favorite. 😉

      • Taochild says:

        Seems to me I found Pokey. Wasn’t one they bought or anything lol Don’t really amemba how I ended up with him. I got most of my personal pets when you were too young to actually have one. By the time you were old enough, we had Tammy and that kind of put the kibosh on more pets for anyone!

  3. Sidney says:

    I am very sorry that Gracie is gone but so glad you had been together. I’m going to have a turkey sandwich. For Gracie. Maybe that will get rid of the lump in my throat…

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