Really. It is SO much easier online!

I have to admit I feel a little guilty for finding Verizon Online Support such an constant target for ridicule. Unfortunately they make it far too easy. Truth be told the whole concept of Online Support is so far a failed endeavor for most business I have had dealings with. Or maybe it is just personal incompetence.

Though from what I can see it is pretty much a universal issue. Doing things online, though expressed as a way of making thing easier for the customer, is actually designed to ensure less of a burden on payroll. By doing things online it makes the customer think they actually have a chance of doing things by themselves, and they will be less likely to expect a quick resolution when they have to wait in line for the one actual human rep available that can REALLY do what they want. Or so it seems to me.

As I have noted in several previous posts (just use the hand dandy search feature somewhere over there → and search for Verizon), I have yet to successfully do ANYTHING using My Verizon, which is a website supposedly devoted to allowing the customer the convenience of managing their own services. No matter what I do, I ALWAYS end up having to call. So much for convenience.

The last thing I tried to do was to undo a text block on my mothers phone. Sounds simple right? Well after much searching (including following the directions of a video tutorial on how to do things), I finally accidentally ended up to what might potentially be the right place. Said spot having nothing to do with the video tutorial or any kind of logical reasoning. I am still not able to easily get back to the spot on the first try.

I unchecked what seems to be the appropriate box. And got a response something along the line of “Your request has been received.” And nothing more.

We still can’t text on my mother’s phone.

Guessing that there maybe is a delay in actually enabling the service (though there is not indication of this one way or another) but still annoyed nonetheless, I decided to share my dissatisfaction directly. So I tweeted directly to Verizon, generating the following tweeted conversation. Ignoring my typos, it is pretty amusing:

taochild42 Steve @VerizonAs far as I can tell, Verizon online customer service has absolutely nothing to do with servicing customers or doing things online!
VZWSupport VZW Support @taochild42 Of course we do! What concern did you have with using our online options. ^AH
taochild42 Steve @VZWSupport I have NEVER been able to successfully do ANYTHING online. I always end up having to call.
VZWSupport VZW Support @taochild42 What are you trying to do? Are you able to log into on your computer? ^AH
taochild42 Steve @VZWSupport Actually not at this very moment. At least not on goole chrome. But normally I can at least get that far.
taochild42 Steve @VZWSupport This time I just wanted to enable texting for a phone that was previously blocked. Took me forever to find the right check box.
taochild42 Steve @VZWSupport I think I reenabled the service, a day later texting is still unavailable. Our plan is unlimited texting for all devices.
VZWSupport VZW Support @taochild42 If your plan includes unlimited texting, adding & removing text blocks usually requires a representative to complete. ^MS
taochild42 Steve @VZWSupport My point exactly. Not sure of the purpose of the online service if I always have to call a representative to do it anything.
VZWSupport VZW Support @taochild42 Most requests can be completed online without speaking to a rep. If you ever need assistance contact us via twitter. ^CM
taochild42 Steve @VZWSupport In several years of using the site I have NEVER been able to do anything online. I always have to call. But thanks for trying.

I could be wrong, but I think one of the three folk I seemed to have been chatting with confirmed that I was correct!


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6 Responses to Really. It is SO much easier online!

  1. Lisa Wields Words says:

    This just makes my head hurt. I’m tired of doing everything on line. I even gave up buying a plane ticket today because I couldn’t handle it. I made Nathan do it.

    • Taochild says:

      I have rarely found an advantage to doing things online, with the possible exception of paying SOME bills, and tracking your finances. But even those have their issues. Technology is not always an improvement …

  2. Patricia says:

    Here is your problem…It is support as in: hold, prop, buttress ,bracket, you know a noun. It is not support as in rescue: assist, facilitate, aid, like a verb. They are not helpers they are cheerleaders. They sound good and say the right things but do nothing to actually win the game.

  3. well, hello! i have had the same maddening experience with the same maddening vendor! i’ve been tempted to dedicate an entire blog to my ruminations on how much of my life i’ve lost to verizon online cum phone support…i NEVER get it done online and must travel at least 8 phone trees and call back three times to have someone tell me that according the automation they can see, it’s all sorted out…until i call back in a few days and go through the twilight zone experience all over again as though it never happened the first time. i have also NEVER successfully reset a password on My Verizon no matter what i’m armed with as proof of who i am. even the government hates verizon and it’s more than 100 different billing systems and departments. brilliant. (rant, rant, breathe, breathe).

    • Taochild says:

      Well I am glad to here that is not a personal vendetta against my family (since my sister has had her own battle with them)! If you ever get that blog started I will be a willing contributor!

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