It’s all in who you know!

Just when I think that I am really only a speck of dust on the television screen of life, something comes along that makes me say: “I am more than just a speck! I might even be a whole dust bunny!!” Thanks to the wonders of the internet, this actually happens fairly often. I think it is a fair guess to say that a good 75% of all my emails are from people who think I have something to offer; that I am “All that!” as far as dust goes.

For instance this very morning I got this email:

From: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Subject: Attn:Beneficiary,I wish to inform you that your Funds worth $10.5m only is now ready for Traansfer,Please Contact Head of Transfer  Department REV FR MARTINS UZOR for further instructions,Yours Faithfully,Mrs.Hillary Rodham Clinton U.S. Secretary Of State

Date: April 11, 2012 1:50:09 AM EDT


We are so close I call her Hill!

I have to admit this email has me truly honored, not to mention awed. Nothing like an email from such an important person … especially when it comes from the future (today is April 10, 2012 in my calendar). Who’d a thunk that Hillary Clinton could have time in her busy schedule of politicking and trying to prevent the U.S. from being the actual cause of the pending apocalypse by using the wrong fork at an important dinner to not only keep track of my finances, but to inform me of a pending transfer personally. And no doubt the esteemed Reverend Father Martins is a soul to trust my life to, since he is both a Reverend Father and in deep with dear Hillary. I only wish I could remember what exactly I was a beneficiary for! I have been so absent-minded these days I keep seeming to forget all the multi-million dollar transactions I have on the books.

So thank you Mrs.Hillary Rodham Clinton U.S. Secretary Of State for reminding me that I am actually a dust bunny to reckon with!!


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17 Responses to It’s all in who you know!

  1. All we are is dust in the wind…
    It’s in a song, so it must be true.

  2. And why didn’t I do any pictures of Hilary when I got all Photoshoppy???

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