I have always lived my life with the belief that simple courtesy makes a huge difference in how others respond to you. If someone gives me something or does something for me, I say “Thank you.” I say “Please” when I am asking for something. I say “Excuse me!” if I bump into somebody, or if my body goes and does bodily things at some inappropriate moment.

Basically I am a polite guy.

Sadly it has been my experience that others are not necessarily as polite. Rudeness seems the way of the world lately. Some even go so far as to ignore civility completely!!

I mean I was walking in the kitchen this afternoon and inadvertently stepped in Lucky’s path, so of course said “Excuse me!”  Did she acknowledge it? Not even close! Just walked on as if I did not exist. I mean if I happen to walk in on her when she it doing her dooty …. er … um … duty (which happens to be in the laundry room) I ALWAYS apologize. But does she even knock if I happen to be on the toilet? Not a chance. She will just bang the door open, invariably with a demanding shout. And Squeak! He not only does not recognize closed doors, but makes no effort to apologize for pooting in your face … when he was not even invited into the room. And how many times have both of them ran across my path, causing numerous near death experiences, without an attempt at apologizing or saying “Excuse me”. I am always polite to them! It’s just not right!!

Just because they are cats is no call to be rude!!


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2 Responses to Manners!

  1. Patricia says:

    Cats are the superior of all beings.
    You must understand that it is impossible for cats to be rude. If you think they are rude when they aren’t polite apologize for your rudeness in not accepting their inability to be rude because they are cats. Therefore, they have no need to be polite because they are never rude.
    See first sentence for clarification.

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