Inspiring words

Since I have been blogging for a couple of years now, I have gone through that stage of checking my stats every thirty seconds to see if I have become famous yet. Finally after a couple of years it has settled in that most of the millions that must be viewing my blog are doing it both anonymously and stealthily, so out of respect for their desire for anonymity and invisibility I have formally accepted that I officially don’t really exist in the blogging world.

It has actually taken any pressure off and made it much more fun. I mean ya can just go with whatever you want without the worry that someone might actually notice it!

That said it is always nice when someone does stumble across one of my blog posts and is somehow moved. Especially when they share it via comments. I mean who knew that my recent post about autocorrect and spellcheckers would be so informative about how to purchase Zocor online. Or would give someone all the information they needed on generic Cialis tablets. I must put more into my words than even I realize.

I was never more proud to find out that someone wanted to share another post of mine, discussing deep philosophical issues, with their twitter group. Apparently it brought up some very effective thoughts about the price of female Viagra. I am truly honored that my post got them thinking!

Perhaps my proudest moment recently though was when my post about … well basically nothing at all … inspired this response:

Usually I don’t write upon blogs, on the other hand would like to point out that this article actually convinced us to do so! Great job, fairly nice post.

It truly brought a tear to my eye. To think my words discussing my lack of anything to write about inspired someone to action! I only wish I knew what action I inspired them to do!

I have to admit it does the heart so much good to know my posts are so well appreciated.


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5 Responses to Inspiring words

  1. Writing Jobs says:

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  2. Patricia says:

    “Great job, fairly nice post.” What does that mean? Wonderful mediocrity?

  3. WOW! To be recognized for mediocrity – that’s so hard – I mean there is such a crowd it would be hard to know which hand goes with whom -you are just the stand-out of the “M” crowd – oh we can only hope to aspire to follow. Bemusedly applauding your victory. And write on!

    • Taochild says:

      I never really aspired for the foothills. Who knew that I would stand out so in the shadows of the mountains. I am SO proud! 😀

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