Ooze talking?

An oozing thing about language is that sometimes the tone and intent may get as much information across as the words chosen. For instance, just the other day, I had a very oozy conversation with a pretty oozy friend which was predominantly around the word … do you wanna take an ooze?

If you oozed the word “ooze”, you oozed right!

I have to admit, I haven’t oozed that hard in a long time. I can’t really take credit for the ooze though. It was really her oozing ooze. But boy did we have ooze doing it!!

I am not sure how we oozed “ooze”. It just kind of oozed. But boy did we ooze with it! It was oozing funny! I really needed a good ooze on my face again. At one point I even had ooze in my eyes! But what the ooze. Sometimes ooze gotta do what ooze gotta do!

If you happen to be a little ooze, and need an ooze-me-up, I would suggest giving it a try. Find an oozy friend, ooze a word (“ooze” really does work well) and ooze at it! You might be oozed at the results. And find yourself oozing for a while afterwards!

I hope you all oozed this little bit o’ ooze. If not ooze you!! Just oozing!! Have an oozy day everyone!!


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Kind of like a transformer.
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