Alien abduction?

I realize that I have not recently regaled the masses with any adventures of our local intrepid explorer, the Mighty Squeak. It is not so much that he has not been having great adventures, but he seems to more and more have them it the outlandish wilds of the back yard, and there are few witness to report of his great deeds. He often comes back to give us an update, but sadly as powerful as his roar is, it still seems to be outside the range of human hearing.

Now Squeak has always been a cat who follows his own whiskers. He does what he wants and nobody is gonna tell him otherwise. When he comes home and sits outside the door or the office window to let us boorish humans know he has arrived, we of course drop all to rush to the door.  At which point he is likely to sit there and stare at us and say “Who said I am ready to come in?” We will then shut the door and then a minute or two later, when HE decides it’s time, he will knock and ask “Why did you keep me waiting?” as he prances in the door.

Yep Squeak is quite the character.

He has some distinctly un-catlike habits though. And recently has developed a few more that would make the average  gossip magazine reporter immediately think “Alien Abduction!”. It is a distinct possibility that our brave Squeak has indeed been abducted and replaced by some other planetly cat explorer. For instance, it is fairly well know that cats generally don’t prefer water. Yet the first sign of rain and Squeak immediately runs to the door demanding to be let out! The arguments he and my mother have about it are legendary.

His newest kick is rather amusing. He has definitely shown a lot of curiosity about human food as he gets older (another indication of replacement?). His newest thing is to observe serving dinner with the minutest details. We no longer eat meals at the table (except for special occasions) so the food is usually served up on the kitchen counter, to be whisked away to our personal preferred eating location. Squeak has taken up sitting on the counter right next to where the food is being served, watching every little move we make. Yet if you offer something for him to smell or nibble on, he sort of turns aside and backs away a little, as if to say, “I am not doing anything! I just happen to be hanging out here!” It is rather funny actually.

So we are now assuming that he has either been replaced by a very curious alien, or actually thinks he is a dog. The jury is still out!


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2 Responses to Alien abduction?

  1. Patricia says:

    A cat would never think of himself as a dog and I doubt the alien bit. I think he is just doing what cats do best–laugh at the humans.

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