A lack of haha!

I had the most curious thing happen to me this morning. A truly eye-opening experience. It had me so flabbergasted that I actually did THREE sit-ups getting out of bed (the first two failed mid sit)! I am still in shock about it, but it must be shared! It seems … are you ready for it? Brace your self! It seems …

I have a fan.

Technically I have two fans. My room is rather hot. But I have been informed that I actually have a fan of the human variety. Now I am not quite sure what to do with this news. On the one hand I can now possibly believe that I dun good somehow. But there is also the distinct possibility that this poor soul is actually deluded and needs help. However I would not want to disappoint even a deluded soul, so per a specific request to get off my arse and actually write something, I am setting the fingers to work (now that they are done massaging my aching belly).

There is only one problem. There is a distinct irony that a well established hermit chooses to write about the humor that happens in daily life. Said hermit often forgets that to observe daily life, one actually has to occasionally live it. Usually my forays out of the cave end up with something humorous to relate, but recent cave exits have been entirely too mundane. Or my hermit eyes are just not adjusting to “life” as quickly as the once did.

I actually worked as bar staff at a wedding last night, and one would expect that there would be humorous tales aplenty from such an event. I have noted a few before. But no. They had the nerve to have the wedding go off smoothly and problem free. Totally inconsiderate of them I tells ya!

The closest I can come is maybe when I was swarmed by the wedding party and nearly overwhelmed simply because I happened to be carrying their tray of drinks, but that is actually a fairly common occurrence. I had a similar occurrence later in the evening as I went to collect the remains of the drinks, though this time the swarm was mosquitos. But that is also to be expected in these parts at this time of year. Especially if your hands are full.

So I sadly have to inform my self-proclaimed fan that at the moment I have nothing. I hope said fan does not suddenly regain sanity and seek enjoyment elsewhere. I will endeavor to leave the cave more often and shake my head harder to make sure my humor eyes are clear. I do thank you for the kick in the nether regions, though I am still a little sore about that three sit-up thing! I have undefined plans to go out and about with the niece and her parents today. That is always worth a laugh or three. Stay tuned!


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5 Responses to A lack of haha!

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Raises hand! It’s me! It’s me! I am said fan. Yep, I have high expectations. 😉 Just don’t let the breeze go to your head. 😉


    Lady or Not…Here I Come

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