Good clean fun!

As I might have mentioned once or thrice, this blog is about finding the funny … even in some not so funny situations. I would like to think that my posts actually demonstrate this, and maybe even generate an occasional chortle or a guffaw if not a downright laugh, but I don’t want to assume. Unfortunately, having well mastered my hermit life, my daily activities seem to become so routine that the haha is getting harder to find. So my posts have been a little infrequent as of late. Fortunately, it seems that every time I leave my house I manage to trip over something on the funny side … even if it is just me tripping over something.

I was tempted to tell about my recent foray it a local watering hole, but since I seem to have misplace the hours between 10:30 pm and 4 am, it is tough to really know what may have happened. I might have to do some research … then again I might be better off leaving it alone. I was not really all that amused being woken up by the local gentry just because I was lying on a random street and having no idea where I was. But fortunately there is a lesson to be learned here. Prescription meds and alcohol really don’t mix all that well.

So get on with the haha already Stevie boy!

When Sandy visited the local region, she kind of snubbed the immediate locale. Apparently we just did no interest her. So my buddy invited me out to lunch (partly as a show of defiance to all those hiding in their cellars). Before we went for food, we stopped in a Lowe’s, to say hi to his brother who is a manager over there. My friend has a rather twisted sense of humor (part of the reason I get along with him). He wanted to play a little trick on his brother with my help. Now being the completely straight-laced, rule obeying, inside-the-line type that I most definitely am … NOT, I gladly agreed … even before knowing WHAT he wanted me to do.

Turns out there was a home improvement display that featured a full size bathroom set that my friend helped his brother design. The display included a full size shower. He asked me to get in the shower, while he went to find his brother. He would then lead him back my way so his brother could have a WTF moment. Seemed easy and tame enough, so off I ventured, finding the display easily. The shower was the kind with sliding glass doors, so I opened them, got into the tub and got comfortable, and closed the doors again. I did not know how long I would be there. Not to worry, in this modern age of pocket computers I could easily entertain myself. So there I was, sitting in a tub at Lowe’s, getting important stuff like my FB’ing and email done on my trusty iPhone. After all that is what they are for isn’t it?

For some odd reason several customers walked by doing the occasional classic double take. There was also a bit of laughter and staring. Not quite sure why to be honest.

I was in the tub for a few minutes. I wasn’t really paying attention to time since I was duly occupied. After a while my friend showed up … sans brother. It seems his brother was on a conference call and would be for a little while. Comfy as my seat was, it was time to move on.

I am not quite sure, but I think there is a haha somewhere in this post.


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2 Responses to Good clean fun!

  1. You just had to come clean with the joke? (It was funny)

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