Look for the whites of their eyes …

Not much scares me.

I am a brave guy. Brave squared even. Some might even go so far as to call me crazy. Back in the day, I was the guy who played chicken with cars … except I did not have a car. I was the guy that jumped of cliffs to be sure it was safe for others to jump off. I was the one who would be asked to talk to cranky old folk with grudges. I was the first to try food in China. Now that I am older and don’t recover from things as easily, I might move down the list from first to maybe third or fourth. I am still very willing, but the body tends to disagree at times.

To be perfectly clear, I am not phased by much.

That said, there are one or two things that leave me quivering in my shorts: mayonnaise, and any kind of shopping.

Today I had one of those scary experiences. I falls in the category of shopping, so I definitely had to brace myself anyway, but my tremors of fear went well beyond the initial shop-o-phobia … I almost had to hold my mommy’s hand. Fortunately she was right there beside me.

You see today I had to shop for glasses.

funny-eye-chart-flaskYep. I had to finally admit that the scourge of aging has also caught up with my eyes. I am no longer the eagle-eyed young lad (that I have technically not been for about twenty years). I went to the eye doctor for the first time in decades, and it was scary enough dealing with all those new fangled devices. Back in my day it was a magnifying glass, a couple of toothpicks, and an eye chart. After they determined that I do better than the average bat but should not enter any dart throwing competitions to the death, they gave me my prescription for … bifocals nonetheless (technically I did not have to have them but this is MY dramatic story!). Then I had to get into the really scary part … picking out the glasses.

Like I said, fortunately my mommy was right there with me. And the optician was a very helpful woman. Between the two of them they managed to find me a pair of glasses that would not horrify the neighbors, and I could live with wearing. However, I still have that quiver going. For it will be another seven to ten days before I actually try the suckers out for the first time. What really scares me is that for the first time in many years …

… I might see the world as it really is. Ahhhhhhhhh!!

P.S. I was kidding about the mayonnaise.


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7 Responses to Look for the whites of their eyes …

  1. It will be a whole new world. Just remember, glasses can come off when you don’t want to see something.

  2. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Yes, I take mine off when I go into the kids room. Then, I quickly put them back on because I don’t want to step on any sharp pieces.

    It will be strange at first, everything will seem “in your face” but it will be wonderful because you won’t be straining your eyes and causing headaches.

    • Taochild says:

      A lack of headaches definitely sounds nice. But I am not sure a really clear view of the world is good for the sanity. I have enough trouble with what I see now haha 😀

  3. wherethedaytakesme says:

    It’s always nicer to see the world around you clearer.

    • Taochild says:

      I know some things will be better. No doubt my photos for my photo blog will be a bit better haha. But there are a few things I would rather not see clearly. Me in the mirror for one 😀

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