Special effects

Anybody who goes to the movies these days knows that 3D is the new rage. It’s the new black. Apparently it is much easier to believe that the computer generated imagery and fantastic special effects is real if it is coming right at your noggin.  I personally never really saw the attraction. Unless we were also in a hydraulic room that was moving with the action. Unless my stomach is also doing flip-flops, having things threatening to pummel my nose just does not seem all that exciting to me. I guess the is the adrenaline junkie in me.

However today I saw a movie for the first time that might change my mind about this whole 3D idea.  The moment I stepped in the theater, it was like one of my college adventures coming back to haunt me. Colors seemed more real, and things were just IN YOUR FACE. I was dizzy from moment one. And I got that whole moving sensation that makes it more realistic. It felt like I was walking, driving, having things aimed at my face and just missing … the works. I guess I just never experienced well made 3D before.

So “What is this movie already?” you are no doubt thinking, hands on your wallet as you prepare to rush to the movie theaters. Well probably not but allow a guy to imagine his words move folk to spontaneous action.  Ironically I am not sure of the title. I think it is called …

As one friend called it ... Steve 2.0

As one friend called it … Steve 2.0


Yep, I got my glasses today. For the first time. And like everything I do, when I do something I go all out. I had to go right to a bifocals prescription. My first social network post … after the nausea and bout of ducking was over … was: “First day with glasses. Who knew the world was actually 3D?”.

I mean here I am thinking that I had this walking thing down for a few years now, and all of a sudden I see how far down it is from the curb to the street. I almost got on my hands and knees preparing to lower myself down slowly. Then, after the seeming miles to the car only turned out to be a few feet, I got in (fortunately as a passenger) to find this scary ass world flinging toward me at horrifying speeds.

I was afeared that seeing the world clearly might be harmful to the psyche, but I have to admit I did not really expect it to be so death defying!!


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  2. Oh this does sound disorienting.

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