A day in the life (sort of)

I was just introduced to the Turtlewomp family. Bubba Turtlewomp, mysteriously found on a roof when he was a child (with no explanation), managed to make it through life, and even found himself a mate, despite having only one known skill … underwater basket weaving. He likes blue. His wife, Angel, a very nice, smart and pretty middle school teacher, has managed to stick with him long enough to have two children, Mary and Mike. Both are very smart children, are good in school, and both make daddy Bubba seem rather lacking in the brain department.

You may be wondering who exactly the Turtlewomp family is, and why I feel it necessary to mention them. Or maybe you have just accepted at this point that you don’t know what I might say. The truth is I am sitting here next to my niece, in a BIIIIIIG comfy chair, and we are playing the SIMS. There is nothing like making a fake life when your real one is kind of boring. You know, a typical sunday.

Hard at wrok building the Turtlewomp's house

Hard at wrok building the Turtlewomp’s house

It is kind of funny when my niece gives me THAT look, when I say something typically Uncle Stevish. She asked me to pick a last name, so I said Turtlewomp, and the response was something akin to what dog would give you when it is wondering what the hell you are on about with that silly “bark” of yours.

Speaking of dogs, our intrepid, Ninja Cat Lizzy is outside, barking the bark that says, “Ok, I went out like you asked me to, and stayed out for a whole thirty seconds. Now let me back in and give me the treat I so richly deserve!” In the spirit of keeping Lizzy in her bikini body, we are struggling to ignore the incessant repeat of the phrase as long as we can. It is getting tough because she just switched to her “I am starving to death here!” moan. I hope she can mange to  survive to her dinner time, which is  in less than an hour. Meanwhile, her little brother Jasper, is being a proper Ninja Cat Dog and enjoying the outside like a good boy.

I have no idea where I was actually going with this post, but I fizzled out before I got there. Let’s just call it a slightly more amusing day in the life.

What more do you expect on a sunday?


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2 Responses to A day in the life (sort of)

  1. Turltewomp – product of a fizzled mind nervously avoiding that hard ninja pet stare…so difficult – so difficult – that stare buuuurrrrnnnns

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