Ninja Cats build houses too

My niece is on vacation this week. Seeing as higher education and introductory education have nothing remotely in common, her parents, who both do work for a local college, of course do NOT have vacation this week.

Enter Uncle Steve.

In order for my energetic niece to not actually get bored out of her skull (and probably to make sure she does no terrorize her busy parents), she joined us at my house for a few days. That is always an adventure, and fun too. But now that Sarah is on the verge of being a senior citizen (she turned ten a little while ago), she tends to have a lot more … oomph … in her request making. She made it very clear to me that it is totally unfair for all the other family members in her generation to be Ninja Cats, so we are introducing her today with this post. Welcome to our newest Ninja Cat, my niece Sarah.

But that is not what this post is actually about.

Today was day two of her vacation visit, and also day two of … well two days of actual springlike weather. Now normally we would totally ignore this fact, like any proper person from a high-tech society, and continue in our dark dingy house whatever electronic stimulation was readily available. But somehow we go it in our head that sunlight and fresh air is GOOD.

I know. I now. Crazy thinking!

Fairiehaven 0009So we went outside for a couple of hours, and did what any typical 46-year-old male and his 10-year-old niece are liable to do on an excursion outside … played sports went for a walk had a picnic built a fairie house. It is a work of art. Really!

I just wonder how much rent we can expect to make out of it?


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5 Responses to Ninja Cats build houses too

  1. Fairies don’t pay rent, silly. They just help your garden be more beautiful, and if you’re lucky they bring a little magic to your life. Looks great!

    • Taochild says:

      Of course! What WAS I thinking? This pic was just the start of it. The final product will be posted shortly on the photo blog 🙂

  2. You must fine some of that soft green moss and dig it up and put it in the house for carpet…they like that…and you want them to stick around for luck (thank goodness she’s there to supervise)

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