Tough questions

When we meet new people, there are always a selection of questions we will ask that are intended to both break the ice and to get some quick info on whether or not we should run screaming and dive under a table or not. We all have our own priorities, so the questions may vary a bit, but in general certain ones seem to always make their appearance. For instance, not everyone will immediately come out with “Are you an axe murderer?” or “What’s your take on animal sacrifice?”, but usually such questions as “What’s your name?”, “Where are you from?”, and “Where do you work?” are likely to come up for most people.

Oddly, me being me, these are the questions I find challenging. I am known by different names depending on who I am around, so am never quite sure how I should name myself in certain crowds. I usually manage a sufficient answer, but the work one always gets complicated. Especially since I am now a confirmed … well … you see, I don’t even know what to call it. Lately I just go with writer. That way people can form their own conclusions.

Now that social networking sites have taken on the duty of removing small talk, I guess all I really need to do is give them a web address. No doubt they can look it up on their smartphones and get all the juicy details then and there. However I have noticed that recently such pages as Facebook have been probing for a little too much detail. For instance, my current job listing on FB is a Life Process Engineer for the company Life. I have had that job for 46+ years so far, and I don’t see me leaving it any time soon. But Facebook, in its infinite wisdom and curiosity, has recently asked me “Where did you work before Life?”


I have to admit this question has me a bit stumped.


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2 Responses to Tough questions

  1. Patricia says:

    You were a student of the womb?

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