Meet the Ninja Cats

Just to be clear, this site is NOT about cats. It is a dedication to the joy of life. A sharing of smiles generated in the everyday incidents we all encounter. But just like a cat, these moments of humor and joy can sneak up on us totally unexpectedly. At the moment I happen to live in a house run by three sneaky cats, each with their own personalities. I shared a post once that featured these three, said post the ultimate inspiration for this site. So meet the cats:


Lucky is aptly named. She was originally the only cat in the house. She once disappeared for several months, only to eventually be brought home by Squeak, alive but a little worse for wear. She is an extremely affectionate cat … to a fault sometimes. She is afraid of everything new, but adapts eventually. She also likes to talk. Lucky posts are dedicated to the humor of the unexpected and the wonder of luck.


Squeak is a wanderer. As a kitten, he began visiting the house after the disappearance of Lucky. At first he just ate the food offered, but eventually he moved in. He has an adventurous spirit, an opposable thumb which he is not afraid to use (he has an extra claw on each front paw), and a mighty roar that is apparently supersonic (hence his name). He does not know how to take no for an answer. Squeak posts are dedicated to adventure and perseverance.


Gracie is an older cat. She is very set in her ways, but can be very affectionate … when she wants to be. She used to be a wanderer, but has now set her territory within the house and rarely strays from it. It is possible she is Squeak’s mom; he defers to her and she occasionally grooms him … and she shares his voice. She might have a bit of arthritis, but seems content. Gracie posts are dedicated to tradition, wisdom, and the inevitability of aging.

It became apparent that three Ninja Cats was not sufficient to cover all the bases. So they decided to accept apprentices to expand their options. A couple from my sisters household jumped at the offer, so here are the apprentice cats:


Lizzie is my oldest “niece”. She is a smart dog who knows how to get what she wants. Rare is the visit that she does not have someone giving her treats galore, even though they fought tooth and nail to resist her wiles! Lizzie posts are dedicated to the art of persuasion, and getting what you desire.


Jasper is and always will be the eternal puppy. He has boundless energy, and loves to explore. Unfortunately he sometimes bites of more than he can chew! Jasper posts are dedicated to youthful energy and having “eyes bigger than your stomach”.

One more family member, deeming it is now her time, has volunteered to also become a Ninja Cat. Meet:


Ninja Sarah

Sarah, my only two-legged niece,  has been raised in a family that could easily have its own variety show. She is an active and adventurous girl. She loves all things creative, whether it be dancing or drawing or writing. And she is always willing to try something new.  Sarah posts are devoted to spontaneity and the creative spirit.


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